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Handyman Centre Ltd. History
Historic Pic 1 The business was established in the early 1940's when Richard Busuttil started out by retailing general household and ironmongery goods from a small outlet in Mannarino Road, Birkirkara. Richard then passed on the business to his son, Frank, who in turn was at the helm of the business for many years. Frank was responsible for diversifying the business from its humble origins to the retailing of tools, power tools and machinery.

The business is now run by a third generation member of the family. Richard Busuttil, Frank's son, now manages the family business. Richard has developed the business further by setting up an importation and wholesale activity to complement the already established retail function developed by his father. Today the Company operates from a number of outlets in Mannarino Road. Although it has evolved to reflect modern times the personalized service of the past is still at the core of our business today. Historic Pic 2