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Berger Exterior Paints
Brolac Weather Coat No. 1 Brolac Weather Coat No. 1

This exterior paint gives a finely textured armour to all exterior stone and concrete against the Mediterranean sun and rain. Its active ingredients make it the best exterior coating money can buy - no wonder Brolac Weather Coat is the number 1 choice for many of Malta's prominent buildings.

Brolac Weather Coat No. 2 Brolac Weather Coat No. 2

This paint has all the properties of Weather Coat No.1 but comes in a smooth and dust free finish.

Berger Weathercoat Graffiato Berger Weathercoat Graffiato

With this high performance rendering product, you can now give your home that special touch while giving it maximum protection. Create that Italian "graffiato" or "rollato" look to the facade of your home or garden wall. Berger Graffiato is applied by trowel, and comes in a ready to use format. It can be applied onto stone, concrete and brickwork, and is available in a vast range of colours through Berger's tinting system.

Berger Tartaruga Berger Tartaruga

Unleash your creativity with total confidence in the system!

Tartaruga is a ready and easy to use rendering product that is designed to replace the traditional sand & cement plastering. Tartaruga can be applied direct to most surfaces such as concrete, plasterboard walls, ceilings, brick or stone, wood, etc. You don't have to be a professional to apply this product. With Tartaruga you can be as creative as you want to, without making a single compromise on protection, economy or durability. Tartaruga is applied by roller in any desired pattern simply by choosing a pattern and colour of your choice. Create your own textures and patterns with simple tools like spatulas, combs and brushes. You can mix shades and rollers, overpaint - do as you like. The system will never let you down. A vast range of colours are available from our tinting system to make sure you get your desired effect. What's more Tartaruga can be applied on exterior walls and facades, and can also be used on the interior in areas such as ceilings, walls, columns and fireplaces to create that special feature in your home.

Decora Flexitex Decora Flexitex

Decora Flexitex is a superb medium textured coating contaning durable pigments and sand. It is designed to provide both a protective and decorative finish which hides surface defects. It offers an extremely hard wearing finish.

Flexible Roof Compound Flexible Roof Compound

This coating is the only protective film that expands and contracts to give your roofs protection against hairline cracks. Two coats of Berger Flexible Roof Compound form a highly elastic/reflective film on all external masonry to keep you well protected and insulated in all weather conditions. Flexible Roof Compound is available in White, Light Grey, Magnolia, Green and Tile Red.

Murisan & Country Whites Patio Dressing & Tennis Court Paint

This high performance product has been developed to give an attractive appearance to any concrete or bitumen surface. The specially selected silica reinforcement produces a surface which is both hard wearing and slip resistant. Berger Patio Dressing is easy to apply and gives a long lasting finish. It is available in Green, Cream and Tile Red.